The brand Luca Della Lama was born in 2002 from a desire of the producing company, Facopel, to make his product even more recognizable as a fashion element entirely MADE IN ITALY. The spread of our hat collections in boutiques and department store all over the world needed indeed a greater recognizability as an italian product, made by italian people.


We took once more the path that has made us unique for the past four generations, from 1908, careful choice of materials,experimentation of new shapes, always keeping an eye on the great quality of the final product.


From 2008, all our collections are entirely made by biocompatible fabrics and leathers, rejecting a priori every single synthetic material that do not come from recycling. According to us, again, this new concept of extreme quality can not be taken under consideration without these choices: Style and Manufacture entirely Italian and a careful attention to the selection of strictly biocompatible row materials.

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Produced and distributed by
Luca della Lama

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51013 Chiesina Uzzanese (PT)

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